Tim Weeks





Tim Weeks

Writer and visual artist

    Tim Weeks, born in London, 1959 and educated but his brain really didn't understand or remember anything he was taught, thus his life descended into depression, drug addiction and insanity.


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    Many deades ago, 1980, whilst in India - doing the whole hippy trail thing - he decided to see if the rumors were true... about tapping into the flow. Unfortunately – or fortunately, he's still not certain which – his answer came to him from within and above. This unexpected event set off a chain reaction of lunacy and eventual jail. 10 days in a lock up in Goa he lost it completely. Further to the complications his potential love story was dashed by all the troubling events.


    Heavy depression set in as he returned to London where he began working at his father's architectural firm in 1981, just as cheap heroin flooded London. Soon he was one of the very many who succumbed to the velvet claw. Fortunately he recovered enough to write some of it down, spooling out Catch 23 in 1994 without really thinking before sinking back into relapse.


    Finally on his 50th birthday - 2010 - with not a card or call to wish him well he decided to end it all. Thankfully he spotted his book lying on the floor that changed his mind, hence the re-write. Today he is free from the monkey on his back and is busy working for his new life.



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